Players can send resources, either between their own cities, or to other players' cities. Resources are sent between cities using either Trader Carts (for trades over land) or Trader Ships (for trades over water). Trader Carts can carry up to 1,000 resources. Trader Ships can carry up to 10,000 resources.

Temple Trades

When a player's castled city (or temple city) becomes blessed by a god, other players in their alliance have the options to send resources to that city, in order to build (or upgrade) a temple. Temples require large amounts of resources to build, far out of the storage capacity of a regular city; and so temple resources are treated differently than normal resources. While a city is blessed, players can send any amount of dedicated temple resources to a city as a special "temple trade", and these resources will be stored by the city no matter what. Temple trades can only be sent while a city is blessed, however the city does not need to still be blessed at the time that the resources arrive.

Once a city has accumulated enough resources, the player can build (or upgrade) a temple. For more information about blessings, see our Shrines and Temples page.

Marketplace Offers

Players can put resources up for sale in the Market, at pre-defined gold prices. Once an offer has been put up on the Market, the necessary number of carts or ships needed to store the resources are "in use" (this does not protect these resources from plunder). An unaccepted offer can be cancelled at any time by going to the "My Offers" tab in the Market, and clicking the "Remove" button. Players can either make offers available just to players in their own alliance, or to all players.

Other players can search for offers using the "Search Market" button, and can define what resources they are looking for, what prices they're willing to pay, and what the maximum travel time (i.e. distance away) of the resources should be. Once an offer has been accepted, the buyer's gold will be immediately transferred to the seller, and the sellers resources will begin their journey towards the buyer's city. Once the offer has been accepted, neither the buyer nor the seller can cancel the transaction.

Limits on Trading

For the first 20 days after a World has opened, players will not be able to send trades to other players. After 20 days has passed, players will be able to send trades to players that are in the same alliance as they are. After 30 days has passed, players will be able to send trades to anybody they want.

The Market can be used from the beginning of the game. However, at the lower title levels, some limits apply to how much or little a player can sell resources for in the Market. These Market limits are as follows:

Title Minimum Gold Maximum Gold
Citizen 1000 1250
Consul 750 1500
Centurion 500 2000
Equite 400 2500
Commander 300 3000
Dux 200 5000
Magister 100 10000
Supreme Commander none none
Caesar none none

Trade Councillor

The Trade Councillor can automate the sending of excess city resources, and the requesting of resources from other cities, within a player's empire. For a full list of Trade Councillor functions, see the Councillors page.

When the Trade Councillor is sending excess resources to other cities, or requesting additional resources from another city; the excess resources, or resource deficit, respectively; must accumulate to certain amounts before the Trade Councillor will ship them. These amounts are dependent on the Basilica level in that particular city.

These resource level triggers are as follows:

Basilica level Resource Amount
1 300
2 1200
3 2700
4 4800
5 7500
6 10800
7 14700
8 19200
9 24300
10 30000