The Holiday Substitution Feature

Directly accessing another player's account is strictly prohibited in the Crown of the Gods Terms of Service, and this rule is actively enforced by the development team; we have and will continue to ban players for this offense.

However, if you are going on holidays and will be unable to play your account for a period of time, you can avail of the Holiday Substitution feature.

The Holiday Substitution feature allows you to select a player who can log on to your account from within the game, in a limited capacity so that your account is not compromised. Your selected player can play on your account any time once the Substitution is activated, for up to 40% of your total days played. For example:

Once your selected player has had access to your account for 40% of your total days played, their Substitute access will expire, and they will no longer have access to your account.

From the time that your substituting player hits "Accept" on your substitute request, whether they login to the account immediately or not, the substitution is now active: the countdown of total allowable substitution day will begin, and you will not be able to access your account on that World until either you or they cancel the active substitution.

This permission is granted per World; a substitute that you have activated on World 2 will not be able to access your account on World 4.

The Holiday Substitution feature gives the substituting player most standard account functionality. The player can build castles and temples for you, send and recall your defense, send raids out against caverns and bosses, as well as settle new cities for your Empire. The player can also chat and mail as you, as if it were you talking. As such, it is important that you only grant Holiday Substitution access to someone you can really trust!

However, for your own account security, as well as to prevent players trying to abuse this feature for "multi-accounting" purposes, the following functions cannot be fulfilled via the Substitution function:

Additionally, players may select in the Substitution menu (located in Game Options), whether they want to grant their selected Substitute permission to: