There are 4 portals located on every continent in Aschendal. Once every 7-10 days, one of the four portals on a continent will activate, for 24 hours. During the time that the portal is active, players can send their troops through the portal, to attack enemies (or defend allies) on other continents. Players can scout, plunder, assault, siege, or reinforce other players through portals.

Players will get a 12 hour pop-up warning, before portals open.


Troops require portalstones to travel through portals (1 portalstone per TS). Portalstones are generated at a certain speed, from the rank of Commander upwards. The portalstone generation rates per Title are as follows:

Commander 1000 /hr
Dux 1750 /hr
Magister 2500 /hr
Supreme Commander 3500 /hr
Caesar 5000 /hr

Portalstone generation can also be sped up further by research, or for a short period of time using the Pendant item. The Purse item will also give a player a certain instant amount of portalstones. For more information on portal items see our Items page.

Portal Penalty

The farther a force of attacking troops travels to reach their target, the greater the attack penalty will be when they attack. The portal penalty is only incurred when troops are attacking through a portal. There is no portal penalty on troops reinforcing through portals.

Portal penalty is applied to any attacking force travelling more than 5 squares from its home location. After the first 5 squares, penalty is incurred according to the equation (1-7000/(65+distance)/100)*100

Some examples of portal penalties:

The maximum portal penalty that can be incurred is 75% penalty.

Also bear in mind that portal penalty stacks with any After Dark penalty or Morale penalty that may have been applied.

Troops returning through Portals

Players can either manually recall their troops from portal attacks or defense - or else the game will automatically recall the troops at the last moment it is possible for them to return home to their native castles, before the portal closes.

Portal troops must travel the entirety of the way home to their native castles, in time for portals closing. They may not still be travelling, even on their home continent, when portals close.

Both attacking and defending portal troops will be automatically recalled. Portal troops cannot remain past portal-closing time on a non-native continent.