Temple levels grant an alliance certain amounts of loyalty to the god the temple was built to. Higher temple levels grant higher levels of loyalty. However, higher temple levels also require certain amounts of loyalty, before they can become blessed again for the player to be able upgrade them to the next level.

The levels of loyalty required for temple level upgrades, and given by temples at certain levels, are as follows:

Upgrade Level Required Loyalty Acquired Loyalty
0 to 1 0% 1%
1 to 2 0% 2%
2 to 3 0% 3%
3 to 4 5% 4%
4 to 5 10% 6%
5 to 6 20% 8%
6 to 7 35% 10%
7 to 8 50% 13%
8 to 9 70% 16%
9 to 10 96% 20%

The objective of Crown of the Gods is for an alliance to build 8 level 10 temples, one dedicated to each of the 8 gods of Aschendal. As such, 96% loyalty to each god is required, before a level 10 temple to each one can be built.

Luckily, the gods of Aschendal will help you along the way. As your loyalty to a certain god increases, the god will reward you by increasing your abilities with certain tasks, be it fighting, defending, trading, or building. For more information on the ways that the gods will aid you as your loyalty to them increases, see The Eight Gods page.