King of the Hill Tournaments

King of the Hill Tournament servers last for two weeks, and alliances are limited to 20 members.

These Tournament servers center around players fighting for control of special Tournament squares on the regional map.

On each continent there are 4 Tournament squares. A castle held on a Tournament square at the turn of each hour will add 1 hour to an alliance’s total time held. The alliance with the highest number of hours holding castles on Tournament squares at the end of the Tournament, wins the Tournament.

King of the Hill Tournament parameters:

• All alliances are limited to 20 players.

• Tournament squares become Castled cities as soon as they are settled.

• When players land in-game, they are randomly placed on one of the 4 inner continents (22, 23, 32, 33).

• Players do not land on Tournament squares with their first city ingame.

• All first cities have their Basillica, Academy and Sorcerer's Tower pre-built to level 10.

• All Tournament squares are on water.

• Resource accumulation is X3 compared to a regular World.

• Storage capacity and cart numbers are X2.

• Troop movement times are all X2.

• Enlistment speed is X2.

• Build speed is X4.

• Troop carry capacity will be X2.

• Available cavern loot will be X2.

• Load/unload times for Cavern raids is 30 minutes.

• Portalstone generation is X2.

• Portals openings are X2 as often as on regular Worlds.

• Siege ticks are every 30 minutes.

• No new player protection.

• No Morale penalty.

• Hand of the Gods items are disabled.