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World 19 Begins in...

News and Announcements

Discussion time!
News Story Image
Discussion time! Come visit the Forum and weigh in on what you’d like to see from a special server to help get us all through the Coronavirus quarantine/shelter at hom...
Did you know?
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Did You Know? 

You can gift Denari to your friends, by clicking the “Buy Denari Gift” button in the Get Denari menu! Your friend will even receive an e-mail...

W19 is now open!
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World 19 is now open!

WORLD 19 SPECIAL: Own 4 cities on World 19 before the end of the day (midnight) on February 22nd (servertime), and you’ll earn 7,000 ...

Forum Contest!
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We currently have a contest underway, over on the website forums!

Don’t forget to drop by and answer, to be in with a chance to win 3 Scrolls, 8 Magic Powders, ...

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