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The browser you are using is not optimised for the Beta version of Crown of the Gods! Please switch browser for an optimal experience. We recommend Chrome or Opera for best results!

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Open Beta

Crown of the Gods™ is currently in Open Beta! Come join us!

Anyone can login to an Open Beta world, you do not need a key, and you do not need to pay any fee to join!
Crown of the Gods™ is a Free-to-Play game!

For information about the Open Beta worlds, as well as a lot of information about Crown of the Gods™ in general, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions, now available in multiple languages!

As the worlds progress we will, from time to time, take them down for maintenance (usually for approximately 30 minutes) in order to patch in some bugfixes, occasionally along with some new features. We will always warn you via in-game mail plenty of time in advance, about maintenances that we are planning. A comprehensive list of recent patch notes can be found here.

For any queries about any of the Open Beta Worlds, please send us in a support ticket. The link to visit our Support System can also be found in the bottom right hand corner of the game window.

As Open Beta is a testing phase designed to find and fix game bugs, it is important that you report game bugs encountered immediately, and do not continue their use to gain an unfair advantage. Any player that attempts to gain an advantage by any means other than normal gameplay, will end up with their access to Crown of the Gods™ being permanently revoked!

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