What is Crown of the Gods™?

Crown of the Gods™ is a Free-to-Win MMO real time strategy game made by Gaming Addict Studios that is not, and never will be, pay to win. Crown of the Gods™ is currently in Open Beta, so login and join the fun!

CotG features real time combat (including naval combat), empire building, a robust trading system, over 18 different troop types, and 31 different building types that allow for in depth city planning. To become a Champion of the Gods, you must master the art of diplomacy and trade, as well as the military activities of spying, plundering and sieging enemy cities and castles.

CotG features deep strategic gameplay and multiple social features including an advanced trading system, extensive alliance features that heavily promote team play, online chat, and forums. The game's Beta servers have been in English, but servers will be in multiple languages once the Beta servers are complete and will appeal to those who favor deep, long-term strategy games and features sophisticated automation to reduce micromanagement.