The advent of Free-to-Win online gaming!

Current Pay-to-Win online gaming

The online gaming market is saturated with games that claim to be “free to play”. But when a few players spend unlimited amounts of cash on building their empires, it is impossible to play and win without also resorting to spending. In essence these games are “pay to win”.

Crown of the Gods - a different approach

Crown of the Gods is an indie game originally developed by two avid gamers, now a 5-strong team, who are looking to turn the tide against “pay to win” business models.

The Charisma system

Introducing the Charisma system, an ingame stat that you cannot buy more of, which limits the number of items that you can use per day.

Your Charisma gradually regenerates over time, and is capped at a certain level according to your score (your “Title”), so that you cannot accumulate huge amounts of Charisma over time.

Here you can see the number of items you can use per day at each Title:

Title Charisma regen rate (/hr) Max amount of [1k Charisma] Items you could use (/day)
Citizen 0 0
Consul 250 6
Centurion 300 7
Equite 400 9
Commander 500 12
Dux 600 14
Magister 700 16
Supreme Commander 800 19
Caesar 1000 24

Ingame Boss creatures drop Items

Boss and Item tiers

Strategy Wins!

While the game market has taken profitability to an extreme, we do not subscribe to the practice of letting people spend unlimited amounts so that we can make more money. Of course we need to pay for costs associated with running the game and providing players with a great gaming experience, but our highest priority is to create a game where the way you play determines your ability to win. Only the best strategy will get you the Crown of the Gods!

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