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1. What is Crown of the Gods?

Crown of the Gods is an MMO (multiplayer) empire-building real-time strategy wargame, playable from any web browser. Crown of the Gods is free-to-play, and never pay-to-win!

Players begin with a single city, and gradually expand their empire by founding more cities.

In this vast, intricate fantasy world, players will join alliances, enlist troops and battle them in real-time against other players and monsters, buy and sell resources on the marketplace, chat in game chat, and build alliance Temples in order to defeat their enemies and earn the coveted Crown of the Gods!

Start your journey today!

2. What's different about Crown of the Gods?

Crown of the Gods is a free-to-play and, more importantly, Free-to-Win massive multiplayer online (MMO) real-time strategy game. A hard limit on how much money players can spend to get ahead, using an in-game stat called Charisma, is the factor that makes Crown of the Gods so very unique!

Every Item in CotG costs Charisma to use, and players cannot buy more of this stat. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Charisma regenerates slowly over time, and this Item-Charisma cost cannot be waived or reduced. Players can be yearning to spend their cash - but if their Charisma counter is empty, they will just have to wait until it fills back up again!

Crown of the Gods is the only game that limits “Pay-to-Win” in such a sharp way. Combine this with intricate, absorbing gameplay, the balancing of war and political strategies, and vast worlds to dominate, and Crown of the Gods becomes truly one of a kind!

3. How is it decided when to open new Worlds, and what time-zones they’ll be in?

We generally open additional Worlds as our older Worlds progress past the point that newly joined players could not catch up to the established players!

We decide the time-zones for Worlds either by analyzing where our biggest player demographics are, or else by taking a poll and asking our players what they want to open! We do plan to eventually have Worlds in most major time-zones, so players can easily select which time-zone suits them best!

4. Will you be offering special language Worlds in the future?

All of our worlds can be considered to be multi-lingual.

Although we do not plan on opening special “language Worlds”, we do eventually plan to support every major language (the ones listed in the dropdown menu at the top of this FAQ to start with), within all of our Worlds.

Our plan is that a player will select what language they want, when they log into a World for the first time. The language of all buttons, menus etc. in the game will then show as this selected language. We also eventually plan to build in automatic translation for chat and forums, allowing our Worlds to be multi-lingual.

For now, as a work-around for our non-English speaking players:

Players who play the game using the Chrome browser (our recommended browser) can right-click anywhere in the game, and select from that menu the “Translate to…” option, in order to Google-translate the game and game chat to their preferred language.

5. What does “in Open Beta” mean?

The “Open Beta” label lets our players know that although Crown of the Gods is fully launched, we are still ironing out a few final issues. This label lets users know that although the game is fully functional, they may still stumble across the occasional minor issue.

If you come across an issue while playing Crown of the Gods, do please let us know! You can contact us anytime via our support system, the link for which can be found in the bottom-right corner of your game screen. Alternatively you can access the support system here.

CotG will retain its “Open Beta” label for as long as it takes until we are confident that the game is free of any final minor issues!

6. What browsers does CotG work best on?

We are in the process of optimizing the game for all browser types, however for now the browsers that our players feel the game runs best on are Chrome, Opera, Iron and Edge.

7. Can I play CotG on a mobile device?

Yes, you can play CotG in a mobile browser, for example Chrome or Opera. We’re still refining the game on mobile browser a little, so if you come across any problems, particularly with touchscreen gestures, submit a ticket letting us know about it!

8. Are you making an app for CotG in the future?

Yes! There is already a branch of our development team working on creating an app for CotG. Once it is complete, we plan on making the app available in both the App Store and Google Play, and possibly even a Steam client. All platforms will be able to interact with each other in the same worlds.

9. Will you be doing any "Special Contest" worlds in the future?

Yes, definitely!

We understand that logging in every day to a server that can in some cases take several months to win, does not suit many of our players!

Back when CotG was in Alpha testing, some of our veteran players may remember that we had "Special Square" worlds, that lasted for just a few days. Each continent had 4 "special squares" and the alliance that controlled the highest number of these squares by the end of the contest won. Hopefully sometime around mid 2017, we will be bringing these types of "Contest Worlds" back again.

If these types of servers prove popular, then we will run "Special Contest" worlds much more frequently!

10. Are there any age restrictions on playing CotG?

Players under the age of 13 are strictly not allowed. Players between the ages of 13 and 17 are allowed to play, but only with the consent of a parent or guardian. By agreeing to our Terms of Service, a player between the ages of 13 and 17 has agreed that his/her parent or guardian has consented to the Terms of Service.

11. Is the in-game chat moderated? What measures are in place to prevent spamming, etc.?

No, we do not moderate the game chat, game mails, alliance forum posts, or city names.

To prevent players from chat-spamming, we limit the World chat to 4 lines of chat at a time. After 4 lines, the spamming player will be cut off until someone else says something. We also do not allow clickable links in any of the game chat channels. If, despite this 4-line limit, a player is still annoying you; there is an "Ignore" function in the game (accessed by clicking the players name in chat, or via the Ignore tab in the Friends menu), which will stop you from seeing lines of chat that this player posts, as well as preventing that player from sending you in-game mails.

Although we are all for the odd curse-word, and all of the usual “banter” that comes as part of a war game, we do of course have to draw the line somewhere. If a player begins issuing you with “real life” threats in-game, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible via our support system, as these we of course take very seriously.

Players, when reporting each other, do please be aware of the difference between PvP threats ("I will crush your cities"), which are allowed; and "real life" threats ("I will find out where you live and hurt you"), which are of course absolutely not allowed.

12. What happens if I choose to reset my account in a World that I play on?

Resetting your game will abandon all of your current cities, your title will be reset back to Citizen, and you will lose all of your gold, refined resources, research levels, and all stored items. You will then begin the game again with 1 city spawned in a random location on the latest-opened continent in that World, surrounded by other players who have also only just started on the World.

13. I see some members in the website forum have the title "Community Champion". What do they do, and how did they get this title?

These players are volunteers, to help Karen (GM Adiera) our Community Manager on the site forums with tasks such as moderating content, answering new player questions, etc. This "Community Champion" title is only on the site forums however, these players do not get any special privileges or treatment in the game proper.

If you would like to volunteer to help with moderating the site forums, you can email Karen at and put your name forward to help out! We recruit our volunteers in batches, so do not be offended if you don't hear from us for a little while after mailing!

14. I received a game mail saying that my World is going down for maintenance. What does this mean?

We will occasionally take the Worlds down for maintenances. These maintenances will usually last less than 30 minutes, and then the World will come back online. During this down time we will fix any game issues, as well as occasionally add in new features.

To see a comprehensive list of fixes and features added into the game during a maintenance, you can check out our Patch Notes page.

15. I bought, or received, Denari; the CotG in-game currency. Will this stay with my account through all Worlds, or is it specific to one World?

Denari is not World-specific! It will stay with your account throughout all worlds, until it is spent.

16. I bought Councillors, or Items, in one of the Worlds I play on! Will I now also have these Councillors and Items on other Worlds?

No. Councillors and Items are World-specific, They do not stay with your account across multiple Worlds. If you buy Councillors in one World (for example, World 3) and then start another World (for example, World 5), you will not have Councillors in the new World (World 5). This is the same case for all game Items.

17. What is the Subscription Rewards program? Can a player cancel it again once they have set it up?

If a player signs up to the Subscription Rewards Program, their account will automatically purchase Denari once a week/month (depending on what package the player signed up for) via PayPal. As time goes on, the amount of bonus Denari the player receives with each automatic purchase, increases; until it can reach up to 2x the amount of Denari given for a regular once-off purchase!

Yes, the subscription can be cancelled any time that the player wishes. PayPal’s official steps for cancelling a subscription with a merchant can be found on this page.

18. Do I get any bonuses for referring my friends to play CotG?

Absolutely! Our Friend Referral system gives players Denari bonuses as well as special item bonuses, upon the successful referral of friends.

We here at CotG want our players share in the game’s success as it grows bigger and better! As such, each player has a unique link that they can share with their friends, and when their friends visit the website via that link, and register an account; the referring player will earn a percentage of all the referred player’s future Denari purchases, forever!

As a player’s referred friends reach certain spending levels within a 24 hours period, that player can also earn special Friend Referral Items!

19. What can a player do to keep up with his friends, if he is unable to buy Denari?

Crown of the Gods is a Free-to-Win game - there is no need for you to buy Denari in order to keep up with your friends! However, there is some limited spending allowed within the game, and as such if a player wishes to obtain Denari to purchase game Items, he can do so in the following ways, without the need for a monetary purchase:

  • Redeem the Daily Login Reward each day, as they contain a chance to redeem Denari, as well as many other game items and goods.
  • Boss monsters scattered around the game map can be looted to obtain game items, negating the need to purchase game items. These items include 1-day and 3-day Councillor packages, meaning that if a player loots enough boss monsters, there is never a need to actually purchase Councillors!
  • Denari can be earned via successful Friend Referral.
  • Denari can be earned by selling add-ons on the CotG Add-On Market.
  • We also eventually plan for ways for players to earn Denari by watching sponsored videos.

20. Will a World change its server time, if Daylight Savings time comes into, or goes out of, effect?

No, Worlds will not lose or gain hours with Daylight Savings time. In the mystical land of Aschendal, Daylight Savings time does not exist!

Changing times forwards or backwards an hour would upset the continuity of a real time strategy game, as it would involve the deletion of 1 hour of attacks and trades, or the addition of 1 extra hour, out of nowhere. This would in turn then need to take into account troop starvation, trades that should have happened during the hour, undefended siege ticks, abandoned cities going to Ruins, etc.

As such, for continuity’s sake, even if a World begins during Daylight Savings time, the World’s server time will not take the additional Daylight Savings hour into account.

21. I share the same IP or computer as my husband/wife/son/daughter/housemate, who also plays CotG. Is this ok?

Yes, so long as you are legitimately 2 different people, for now this is ok; although we may need to explore a change of policy in the future, depending on our player base’s behaviour regarding this policy.

However, accounts that share an IP will have their in-game activities monitored closely using in-game checks; and if our checks are set off, an official and manual investigation will commence. See Question 23 for more details.

22. Are we allowed to play CotG using proxies or VPNs?

No. If you try to register or login to the CotG website while using a proxy or VPN, you will be directed to a page requesting you to remove this software from your computer.

If you have a legitimate reason for using a VPN (for example, being unable to access an internet connection without one), you may send an email to and request that we whitelist you. We will not be whitelisting VPNs lightly, however; a player must be able to provide us with evidence of being unable to use a public IP.

23. Aside from disallowing IP-shielding software, what other measures do you have in place to prevent players creating and maintaining “alternate” (i.e. multiple) accounts?

One person having multiple accounts is strictly against our Terms of Service!

For accounts hosted on the same IP, regardless of device: activity and relationship between the accounts will be closely monitored by the dev team. Parameters for certain in-game activities are set, and if these activities exceed the parameters, the dev team is immediately notified via email alert, and an official investigation commences.

After official investigation, if we believe beyond reasonable doubt that two or more accounts are multiple accounts for the same individual, all accounts involved will receive a permanent bans from the Crown of the Gods game, and all other Gaming Addict Studios services. At this point, this decision is final.

24. Can I login to my friends account to help him out while he is at work/busy/not able to login himself?

Absolutely not. Logging directly into another player's account is strictly against our Terms of Service. There is a Holiday Substitution feature in the game (you can find it under “Game Options”), which allows a player to give permission to one other player, to access and manage the important aspects of their account for them while they are away.

Players who are caught logging into other player’s accounts, instead of using the Holiday Substitution feature, will receive permanent bans from the Crown of the Gods game, and all other Gaming Addict Studios services.

25. What is your policy on "automation software"?

As stated in our Terms of Service, "automation software", "bots" and "scripts" which automate or bypass any game functions are strictly prohibited. Automation software is software that reduces the amount of effort that a player needs to put in, to progress their Empire. Examples of automation software include auto-clicker programs, a script that builds for you, or an attack script that sends out from multiple cities with a single click.

However, scripts that are for purely cosmetic use, are allowed. Examples of purely cosmetic scripts include: scripts that change the names of units to different names, scripts that display a game menu in a different way, or scripts that add a new information table somewhere in the user interface. Players who are interested in making cosmetic scripts should sign up for a developer account on the Crown of the Gods Add-On Market, where they will be able to develop scripts for CotG, safely.

CotG will be monitoring the use of "automation software" closely. The penalty for use of illegal scripts is a permanent ban from the Crown of the Gods game, and all other Gaming Addict Studios services. If you are unsure whether a script that you are using is legal, contact our Customer Support and ask, and we will let you know.

26. What is the CotG Add-On Market?

You can access our Add-On Market from the website header on any page, or you can get to it here.

Developers can put their add-ons (scripts) up for sale on the Add-On market for a price ranging from 4000 Denari to free. Add-ons submitted by developers to the Add-On Market are checked by the CotG team before they get approved for purchase. Any player can then buy the add-on, and install it directly into their game via their Crown of the Gods user dashboard, without the need for any potentially dangerous 3rd party extensions. This checking method ensures that no script has any “backdoor” access for the script developer to poach information from players in enemy alliances, and ensures that all scripts comply with the game's Terms of Service. This method also ensures that all players of CotG are on equal footing, as no scripts are kept secret giving certain alliances an edge over others; thus keeping CotG from becoming “code to win”, as so many other browser games *cough evony* have now become.

We will soon have a whole Add-On Market FAQ, to answer many player questions about the Add-On Market.

27. Will CotG work on a 32-bit computer?

...Technically yes, it will! However, MMO browser games are always going to be heavy on your system as they require a lot of data transfer, so players that are on 32-bit systems may encounter some issues with their game, especially as their empires grow bigger (500+ cities), as these empires require more data transfer.

32-bit players with large empires may experience problems with their region view not loading (showing black-screen), their browser sometimes crashing when they try to switch to region view, or city labels on their region view displaying incorrect player names.

All of these issues are to do with their browser downloading their game data: 32-bit browsers set an artificial cap on memory usage, regardless of the amount of memory the computer actually has. This artificial cap is usually set at 1GB, where any website that uses over that amount of memory will crash (This happens even if you are on a 64-bit computer but running the 32-bit version of your browser! If you are on a 64-bit computer, make sure you are using the 64-bit version of your browser).

Some suggestions that players on 32-bit computers could try, to help the game run a little better for them if they start experiencing problems, are as follows:

  • In "game options" -> "view options" -> "region view options", select to have your cities on region map display your own player name, rather than your individual city names.
  • Uninstall any add-ons that you have running in CotG; either via third-party extensions, or via the CotG Add-On Market.
  • In your browser options -> advanced options, turn off hardware acceleration.

The CotG team is actively and tirelessly working on reducing the amount of data transfer required for gameplay; so as to provide a smooth playing experience for all our players! We thank you for your patience as we continue to optimize CotG! :)

28. Can I change my CotG username?

No, we do not change players' usernames. However, if you submit a ticket and ask us to, we can delete your old account. You can then register a new account.

The deleting of your account will result in the loss of any Denari associated with your account, your player history (i.e. crowns) being deleted, and if you have ever posted on the site forums, your forum account and history being deleted.

29. I am having a problem with my game, or have found something in the game that I don’t think is functioning as it should. What should I do?

Submit a report about it as soon as possible to our support system, as if we do not know about the issue, we cannot fix it! Please do not assume that somebody else will report it. Include as many details as you can, and if possible, screenshots of the issue. Gyazo is a great free screenshot software, we here at CotG highly recommend it!

30. What exactly happens when I submit a support ticket?

If the issue you have ticketed is pertaining to a loss of your gameplay, the issue will be escalated and fixed by the developers as soon as possible. We will keep you up to date with the progress in fixing your issue, up until we are able to inform you that your issue has been fixed. In between our correspondences with you, we may close your ticket. Please be aware that this is not because we consider your issue to be resolved; it is purely for organisation on our end, and ease of use of the ticket system by our customer support representatives.

If the issue you have reported is a game bug (a menu not displaying quite correctly, a graphics glitch, etc), the issue will be added to the developers bug-list; we will thank you for bringing the issue to our attention, and the ticket will be closed. Again, this is purely for ease of use of the ticket system by our customer support representatives.

31. How will I know if I have received a response to my support ticket? How do I reply again to the support staff’s response to me?

When you create a support ticket, you must give an email address. When we reply to your ticket (usually less than 24 hours from the time you sent it), you will receive an email to this email address, with our response to your ticket in it. (You will also receive an in-game mail notification to inform you that we have responded to your ticket, and to check your emails. Do not reply to this in-game mail, it does not go anywhere!)

To respond to us again, simply click “reply” to the email you received to your email address, and reply to us. You do not need to login to the website in order to reply to us again!

32. I reported a player, because I suspect they are breaking the rules, somehow! The support staff thanked me for alerting them, and told me they would investigate the matter thoroughly; but now I want an update on what is to become of that player. Can the CotG support staff give me information about another player's account?

To reveal private information about our customers would be a violation of several Data Protection laws! As such, we are not able to keep you informed about investigations into other player’s accounts. But rest assured, every player that is reported to us gets fully investigated, and the appropriate action taken against them if they are found to be in violation of the game’s Terms of Service!

Do please report any player that you think is behaving suspiciously. The best defense against cheating players, is an alert community!

33. What type of penalties are handed out to players who violate the Terms of Service?

The only type of penalty we ever impose on players' accounts are permanent lifetime IP bans.

We do not deal in temporary bans, one-world bans, forced-resets, or account reductions.

If a player is still playing on any CotG world, you can be assured they have never had any penalties handed out to them by CotG - because permanent bans are the only type we deal in :)

34. I have a suggestion on how to improve the game! How should I let you know about it?

We will always hear out our players suggestions!

Please let us know about your idea in our Suggestions Forum. We look at all suggestions written in this forum, and if a suggestion is popular enough, we will take an official forum poll about it. If the forum poll shows us that this suggestion continues to be very popular, we may then begin taking measures to implement the feature you have suggested.