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Frequently Asked Questions | Crown of the Gods

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page. Here you can find answers to some common questions about the game, such as what Denari is for, what Title advancements and substitution are, and how to get help from other players or the support team.

1. I just started playing. What do I do?

Welcome to Crown of the Gods! The first thing you should focus on is building and upgrading the buildings in your first city. We have a handy First City Guide in the Aschendal Archives, that you can check out for more information on which types of buildings you should focus more on in your first city.

The CotG community has also put together a handy list of starter guides on the website forums, which contain a lot of useful information about getting your empire up and running - consider checking them out!

2. Where can I get help?

For lots of information about all aspects of the game, check out the Aschendal Archives, and from there go to the category you are looking for more information on.

To get help from other players of the game, you can either post on the website forums, or else you can ask for some help in the game's world chat. World chat can be accessed by clicking the "Chat" button in the bottom-bar of your game window.

To get help from our Support team, you can access our Support System from the footer of any of the website pages, or else by clicking on the ticket icon in the bottom-bar of your game window.

3. What are the game rules?

In order to keep the game fun and fair for everyone, we have game rules you must follow in order to play the game. You can view the rules here.

4. What is Denari, and how do I get it?

Denari is the virtual currency used in Crown of the Gods.

You do not need to purchase Denari in order to play the game, however it can be used to buy Items (although please be aware Items also cost Charisma to activate, which cannot be bought) and Councillors, as well as cosmetic characteristics such as avatars.

Denari can be purchased from the 'Get Denari' menu, accessible from either the homepage or the items tab. Denari can also be gained from daily login rewards, or earned for free by completing surveys.

5. What are Items, and how do I use them?

An Item can be used to give your empire a small bonus.

Items can either be acquired through game-play or else purchased for Denari - however keep in mind that for all Items, activating an Item costs Charisma.

You cannot buy Charisma - it simply generates by itself over time. Once you have spent your Charisma, you will just have to wait for it to gradually regenerate!

You can view and buy Items by clicking on the Items button in the top-bar of your game window, to open up the Items window.

Items can be obtained in 6 ways:

6. What are Councillors?

Councillors allow an extension of the build and enlistment queues, as well as helping you out with a few of the tasks involved in the management of your empire.

Councillors can be hired in exchange for Denari payment, for a period of time.

The Councillor menu can be accessed by clicking the 'Manage' button, located under your city resources.

7. How often do new Worlds open?

Additional Worlds will be opened as we find that older Worlds have progressed past the point that newly joined players can easily catch up to the established players.

At present, this generally means that we open new game Worlds every 2.5 months or so.

The time-zones for the game Worlds we open do generally alternate between our two biggest player demographics, Western Europe and East-Coast USA. However in the future it is planned to eventually have Worlds open in many major time-zone, making it easier for CotG players to select the time-zone that suits them best.

8. How can I turn off the music?

In the bottom right-hand corner of your game window is an audio icon, where you can control the sound and music in your game.

9. How do I do a Title advancement and get a Senator?

To do a Title Advancement, you will need refined resources. To refine resources, you will need a level 10 Sorcerer's Tower. Once you have enough resources refined, go to the Research menu to research Title Advancement.

Once you have researched a Title Advancement, you will then need a level 10 Academy building to enlist a Senator.

This Senator unit can then be sent out to settle a new city for you!

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to settle a new city.

10. Can I demolish or move a building?

Yes, you can.

To demolish a building: click on it, and then in the left-hand menu that opens up, scroll down to the Demolish Menu. Here you can queue the building to demolish. Demolishing a building will give you back half the resources it cost to build it.

To move a building: click on it, and again in the left-hand menu that opens up, scroll down to the very bottom, to the Move Menu - and then click the 'Move This Building' button, and select the spot in your city that you want to move your building to.

11. How do I protect myself from someone plundering me?

If you find that another player is plundering you frequently and stealing your resources, there are several measures that you can take to dissuade him from doing it again.

1) Enlist some defense:

In plunder combat, the defender always has the upper-hand. This means that even a very small amount of defense in your city will make a great difference in how successful a plundering army is.

2) Build some Hideaways:

The Hideaway building allow you to store some resources safely, so that they cannot be plundered nor scouted. The more forest resource nodes you can place your Hideaway beside, further increases it's protection capacity.

3) Refine or send out any resources that do not fit in your Hideaways:

If your enemy's troops losses exceed the amount of resources that he actually plundered from you, he will be unlikely to return.

4) Ask your alliance-mates for help!

If you're still having trouble with a particular player, don't be afraid to ask your team-mates for some help with defense!

12. What is a Temple?

Building Temples is how you ultimately win, in Crown of the Gods!

Aschendal is ruled by eight warring gods. We must build Temples to appease them, and restore peace to our land!

Eight different types of Temples can be built, one type of Temple for the eight gods.

To build a Temple, you will need to be in an alliance, and you will need to have a blessing from an active shrine.

For lots more information about Temples, check out the Temples page in the Aschendal Archives!

13. What is Substitution?

If you know that you are going to be away from your computer for a few days and unable to access the game, for example if you are going on holidays, then you can appoint one of your friends to be your holiday substitute (or your 'sub' as many players often call it for short).

Appointing a player to be your substitute means that you give them permission to access your account, with slightly reduced game rights, from within their own game.

(Remember that logging directly into another players account using their login credentials is forbidden!)

The Substitutions tab in the game options menu is where you can go to appoint a substitute, accept someone else's substitute request, or access the account of someone who has appointed you to be their substitute.

14. How do I block someone?

If a player is annoying you and you no longer wish to see messages from them, you can either click on their name in the chat window, and then in the small menu that appears, hit the 'Ignore' button - or else you can click the 'Friends' button in the top-bar of your game window, and then navigate to the 'Manage Blocks' tab.

In the 'Manage Blocks' tab you can type the name of the person you wish to block into the text input. This text input will auto-complete the name for you if you wish. Click the 'Block' button once you have the player's name filled out. You will see their name join your Block list.

Blocking a player means that you will not see any chat messages from them in any chat channel, including whispers. You also will not receive any game mails from them.

If a player is being more than just annoying, and you believe they are breaking the game's communication rules, please contact the Support staff.

15. Is game chat moderated?

Although game chat is not moderated by an in-chat moderator - if you are having an issue with something that is being said in chat, contact our Support staff and let them know. They have the ability to go back through the game's chat logs and either hand out temporary chat-bans, or else permanently ban users from the game, as appropriate to the offense.

For more information on what is appropriate chat behavior, check out the game's communication rules.

16. What is the Add-On Market / Script Market?

Userscript developers can put their add-ons (scripts) up on the Add-On Market, either for sale for a Denari price, or else for free.

You can access our Add-On Market from the website header on any page, or you can get to it here.

Add-ons submitted by developers to the Add-On Market are checked out by the Crown of the Gods team, before they get approved for distribution. Any player can then get the add-on, and install it directly into their game via their Crown of the Gods user dashboard, without the need for any potentially dangerous 3rd party extensions.

This checking method ensures that no script has any "backdoor" access for the script developer to poach information from players in enemy alliances, and ensures that all scripts comply with the game's Terms of Service.

It also makes it easier for some of our players who are a little less "tech-savvy" to install and manage their scripts from one easy user dashboard.

17. What are Tournament worlds?

Tournaments are special servers which run from time to time for special events. They run for a shorter period of time than normal Worlds, and have different win parameters.

The parameters and win conditions for each Tournament will be different. For more information check out the Tournaments page in the Aschendal Archives.

Tournament win graphics will display in your player history the same way as crowns do, but with a different 'shield' graphic. If your alliance wins 1st place in a Tournament, you will also get a special chat graphic.

18. Will the game eventually be translated into other languages?

Yes! Our development team are currently working on the game chat live-translations to multiple languages - and are also actively working on translating the game itself as well as the website to multiple languages, so that all players can enjoy a seamless game experience in their language of choice.

19. What are the plans for the future expansion of Crown of the Gods?

With Crown of the Gods being a small indie game title - it is the development team's current intention to get the game totally finished and polished within the next 12 months or so - and then after that, work on getting the game up on both Steam, and Facebook Gameroom.

After that, it is also hoped that an app version of Crown of the Gods can be developed for the App Store and Google Play Store.

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