1. City Scores

Cities increase in score, depending on how many buildings you have inside them, and at what levels the buildings are at. To see a full list of buildings and the scores they add to your city, see the Buildings page.

As you city increases in score, it will grown in shape and size in region view, as seen below:

City Castled City Score Range
3 - 500
501 - 1000
1001 - 2500
2501 - 4000
4001 - 5500
5501 - 7000
7001 - 8000
8001 and up

2. Your First City

A player's first city when they begin on a World, regardless of it's location, will have a set number of (randomly placed) resource nodes, in the ratio 25/25/25/6 for forest/stone/iron/lake nodes, respectively. A player's first city will also always be on water.

3. City Abandonment

You can abandon cities in your empire. If you abandon a city, it will be dropped from your empire and become an Abandoned city. Abandoned cities show up on Region and World views as greyscale cities. Once you abandon a city, you will be able to re-enlist one senator. If you want to re-settle this city again, you will need to enlist a Senator and send him to it to settle it. Other players can also send a senator to it, to settle it. If the Abandoned city is castled, the city will need to be claimed by senator-siege in order to settle it. If the city is not settled by someone, its score will gradually decrease at the rate of one building level every 30 minutes, until it becomes Ruins and then disappears entirely. Castled cities go to Ruins at the same rate as uncastled cities, and will do so regardless of whether they are under siege by a player or not.

Troops from other cities that were supporting the Abandoned city, will begin to journey home to their own city again, at the moment the city becomes Abandoned. Troops that natively resided in the Abandoned city, will continue to live there, unless they run out of food. In the case where they run out of food, they will begin to abandon the city, at a rate of 10% per hour. If another player is PvP attacking an Abandoned city or castle, they will encounter any remaining native troops, in the usual way. If a player is senator-sieging an Abandoned castle, they may need to remove the native troops by attacking them, in order to successfully siege the castle. If a player sends a senator to an uncastled city to settle it, any remaining native troops will abandon the city the moment he arrives.

Depending on your Title, cities will go through a period of time when they are Abandoning, and so cannot be settled yet. Abandonment periods are as follows:

Player Title Abandonment Time
Consul 8 - 16 hours
Centurion 8 - 16 hours
Equite 4 - 8 hours
Commander 2 - 4 hours
Dux 1 - 2 hours
Magister 30 mins - 1 hour
Supreme Commander Immediately
Caesar Immediately

Once a city becomes Ruins, it cannot be settled until the ruins disappear, at which time the empty spot can be settled again as a regular spot. Ruins take 4 to 8 hours to disappear. The city images for Ruins can be seen below:

City Ruins Castled City Ruins

4. Inactive Players

If a player becomes inactive on a World (i.e. their score has not moved), then after a certain amount of time their entire empire (all of their cities) will become Abandoned. For players that have the title Equite or higher, their empires will Abandon 30 days after their last login. For players that have the title Centurion or lower, their empires will Abandon 20 days after their last login.

If a player that previously went inactive on a World wishes to start that World again, it will be as though the player "reset", they will have to start again with just one city, on a newly-opened continent.