Alliances and Crowns

Founding or joining an alliance is necessary to win, in Crown of the Gods. Alliances can hold up to 100 members, of which at least 1 must be an Alliance Leader. Once in an alliance, players can begin building Temples, which will in turn give them loyalty to the Gods. Temple-building is essential to becoming a Champion of the Gods!

1. Winning a Crown

When an alliance builds eight level 10 temples, one level 10 temple dedicated to each of the eight Gods of Aschendal, they become Champions of the Gods! As such, each member will earn a Crown of the Gods, which will be displayed in their player history, and also beside their name in the game chat. Their alliance will also be recorded on our Champions page, so their name will forever be remembered!

Only one crown can be won per World. Although crowned players can join other uncrowned alliances after achieving their own crown, if the other alliance then goes on to crown, the already-crowned player will not recieve a 2nd crown in their player history, nor will they be recorded on the Champions page. Players can only achieve multiple crowns by winning on multiple Worlds.

2. Alliance Names

If an alliance achieves the status of Champion of the Gods first in a World, their alliance name becomes "taken". As such, on future worlds, only the Alliance Leaders from that #1 Crowning alliance, will be able to set back up an alliance of that name. If such an alliance had more than one Alliance Leader, all Alliance Leaders will have the capability of setting up an alliance of the same name on a future World. In this case, it would be whichever of the previous Leaders sets it up first, on the new World.

Below a running list can be found, of the players who have, or in the past had, alliance names reserved to them:

Name Alliance Name World Crowned Date
Deuce Dances with Poles World 05 17/02/17
OldShang Dances with Poles World 05 17/02/17
Tinkerspell Dances with Poles World 05 17/02/17
DMCorp Domina Abr Wydra World 04 13/02/17
Truedat Domina Abr Wydra World 04 13/02/17
Tarazu RomanEmpire World 03 18/12/16
zyoussef RomanEmpire World 03 18/12/16
rokuraz BlackSailReapers World 02 15/11/16
Deuce The Officers Club World 01 15/08/16
OldShang The Officers Club World 01 15/08/16
Tinkerspell The Officers Club World 01 15/08/16
Andartianna Organised Chaos Pre Worlds -
emmabunny Feral Platypi Pre Worlds -
Fact Pact of Gods Pre Worlds -
Ferbius The Wolf Pack Pre Worlds -
Greety Gods Among Men Pre Worlds -
jittu silent killers Pre Worlds -
Rapier Controlled Chaos Pre Worlds -
WarMachine13 WarChild Pre Worlds -

If a player that has a name reserved to them does not wish to be leader of their alliance on a new World, they simply need to create the alliance, promote another player to Alliance Leader, and then demote themselves.

3. Worlds Closing after Crowns

Once 3 alliances have earned crowns, the World will stay open for 30 additional days. If other alliances (4th, 5th, etc) achieve eight level 10 Temples during this time period, they will also earn a crown; which will show in their in-game player history, and on the Champions page, in the usual way.

The CotG team aren't totally heartless however, if your alliance is close to crowning and your World's additional 30 days are drawing to a close; if you submit a support ticket and let us know, we'll see what we can do for you regarding leaving the World open a few days longer ;)