Frequently Asked Questions

1. What changes can I expect to see from Closed Beta, now that I'm playing the Open Beta?

If you played the Closed Beta worlds, be aware that some changes to gameplay have been implemented now that we are in "full server" mode!

  • Everything is now 1x speed (in the closed Beta worlds, some things like construction speed, resource accumulation etc had been 2x or more)
  • A player's starting city, regardless of location, will have a set number of (randomly placed) resource nodes, in the ratio 25/25/25/6 for forest/stone/iron/lake nodes, respectively. A player's first city will always be on water.
  • For cavern raids, there is a 1-hour troop "load-up" time, and 1-hour "unload" time, which is added to total travel time (in the closed Beta worlds this had been only 15 minutes)
  • 3-day councillor packages will now be dropped as boss loot
  • The auto-build feature of the construction and defense councillors will not be available until a player reaches the title of "Commander"
  • When a World first opens, players will not be able to send trades to other players for 20 days (trades between a players own cities will not be affected). 20 days after the World has opened, players can send trades to their alliance members. After 30 days, players will be able to send trades to anybody. (This measure is one of many, in place to obstruct players who attempt to hold "multiple" accounts at the start of a World. This rule will not affect marketplace offers.)
  • The Magic Powder item will no longer be available as a buyable item (it will only be obtainable as boss loot, and on special sale occasions)
  • A player will have "new player protection" for 7 days from when they first join the server, whereby they cannot be attacked (however if a player builds a castle, they relinquish their new player protection)
  • The After Dark penalty will be in effect. See more information about the After Dark penalty here (in order to make gameplay equally fair for our two biggest demographics, Europe and America, server time will be set to a mid-Atlantic time-zone, GMT-3, i.e. Greenland time)
  • The Trade Councillor will have some added functionality (can save and load preset configurations, players can set upper and lower request/send limits, and can find cities by city list)
  • The Construction Councillor will have some added functionality (can set individual buildings or groups of buildings to either upgrade or not, and can specify to what level you want them to upgrade to)
  • Cavern raid reports will not be accessible in the in-game reports menu, they can instead be accessed in their own table, located in the Overviews window
  • Raided gold will be a percentage of total loot, and will not take up carry capacity from your returning troops (in closed Beta gold took up space as a carried resource)
  • Automated "multi-account" monitoring will now be in effect (see question 18 for more information)
  • A new continent-opening sequence is now in effect (continents will open in a different order from the way that they opened in the closed Beta worlds. This new sequence will be in effect for all subsequent worlds.)

2. When did Open Beta start?

Open Beta began on January 23rd, 2016! Login and join the fun!

3. What browsers does CotG work best on?

While we are in Beta testing, the browsers that the game runs best on are Chrome, Opera, Iron and Edge.

We eventually plan on the game performing equally well across all browser types, but for now, these are the ones that work best!

4. Can I play CotG on a mobile device?

Yes, you can play CotG in a mobile browser, for example Chrome or Opera. We’re still refining the game on mobile browser a little, so if you come across any problems, particularly with touchscreen gestures, submit a ticket letting us know about it!

5. Browser games are so ‘00s! Will you be making CotG available on other platforms?

Yes! We plan to make CotG available across multiple platforms. Once the game is finalised in its browser form, we will begin the development of CotG smartphone and tablet apps.

6. What languages will CotG eventually support?

The Open Beta world is in English, however we do plan on opening servers in multiple languages, once we are in a position to do so. The language worlds we have had the most requests for thus far have been Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Russian and German; so we will most likely begin with those!

7. Are children allowed to play CotG?

Children under the age of 13 are strictly not allowed. Children between the ages of 13 and 17 are allowed to play, but only with the consent of a parent or guardian. By agreeing to our Terms of Service, a player between the ages of 13 and 17 has agreed that his/her parent or guardian has consented to the Terms of Service.

8. Do you moderate the in-game chat? What measures do you have in place to prevent chat spamming and player harassment?

We will never moderate the in-game chat. Players can say whatever they want, and we will never censor any words. It is for this reason that we do not allow children under a certain age to play, as detailed in the previous question. However, we do not allow clickable links in World chat. This is not the case for Alliance, Officer or Whisper chat.

To prevent one player from chat-spamming however, we limit the World chat to 4 lines of chat at a time. After 4 lines, the spamming player will be cut off until someone else says something. If a player is still annoying you though, there is an "Ignore" function in the game, which will stop you from seeing lines of chat that this player posts, and also prevents that player from sending you in-game mails.

If a player begins issuing you with threats in-game, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible via our ticket system, as these are allegations that we take very seriously. In this situation we will deal with the player(s) in question, using whatever legal and policing resources are necessary.

Players please be aware of the difference between PvP threats ("I will crush your cities"), which are allowed; and "real life" threats ("I will find out where you live and hurt you"), which are absolutely not allowed.

9. What happens if I choose to reset my account in a World that I play on?

Resetting your game will abandon all of your current cities, your title will be reset back to Citizen, and you will lose all of your gold, refined resources, research levels, and all stored items. You will then begin the game again with 1 city spawned in a random location on the latest-opened continent in that World, surrounded by other players who have also only just started on the World.

10. I see some members in the website forum have the title "Global Moderator". What do they do, and how did they get this title?

These players are volunteers, to help Karen (GM Adiera) our Community Manager on the site forums with tasks such as moderating content, answering new player questions, etc. If you would like to volunteer to help with moderating the site forums, you can email Karen at and put your name forward to help out! We recruit our volunteers in batches, so do not be offended if you don't hear from us for a little while after mailing!

11. In the world that I am playing, 3 alliances have now crowned. What happens now?

Once 3 alliances have crowned, the World will stay open for 30 additional days. If other alliances (4th, 5th, etc) crown during this time, they will also earn a crown, which will show in their player history in the usual way.

12. I bought, or earned, or was gifted, Denari! Will this stay with my account through all worlds, or is it specific to one world?

Denari, the CotG in-game currency, is not World-specific! It will stay with your account throughout all worlds, until it is spent.

13. I bought Councillors in one of the Worlds I play on, but the World is ending as 3 alliances have now crowned. What will happen to my Councillors?

Councillors are World-specific, They do not stay with your account across multiple Worlds. If you buy Councillors in one World (for example, World 3) and then start another World (for example, World 5), you will not have Councillors in the new World (World 5).

The biggest Councillor package that a player can buy is 30 days, with other smaller Councillor packages being available for 7 days. After the 3rd alliance on a World has crowned (i.e. 30 days until the World closes), the 30-day Councillor package will become unavailable, and the Councillor auto-renew checkbox will be unchecked and disabled. However, the 7-day Councillor packages will still be available for manual purchase right up until the end of the server.

If a player has accidentally bought a Councillor package which will exist entirely in a time that the World will not be online (partially-used Councillor packages are not applicable), they can mail us to and inform us of their situation, and we will see what we can do regarding a Denari refund for the unused package. This will only apply to bought (and entirely unused) Councillor packages, and will not apply to boss-item Councillor packages, nor to any complimentary Councillor packages issued to you by Gaming Addict Studios.

The only exception to this rule was Beta 2, where Councillors carried across to the beginning of Beta 3. This was a once-off occurrence due to the parameters of Beta 2.

14. What can a player do to keep up with his enemies, if he is financially unable to buy Councillors?

Here are some ways to obtain Councillors without having to buy Denari:

  • 3-day Councillor packages can be looted from boss monsters scattered around the game map. Therefore, if a player loots enough boss monsters, there is never a need to buy Councillors.
  • We plan to allow 30-day Councillor packages to be obtained for successful friend referral. We plan that once your friend has signed up using your referral code, and has bought 10,000 Denari or more in-game, that you will then receive your month of free Councillors.
  • We also eventually have plans for ways for players to earn Denari by watching sponsored videos.

15. Will a World change its server time, if Daylight Savings time comes into, or goes out of, effect?

No, Worlds will not lose or gain hours with Daylight Savings time. In the mystical land of Aschendal, Daylight Savings time does not exist!

Changing times forwards or backwards an hour would upset the continuity of a real time strategy game, as it would involve the deletion of 1 hour of attacks and trades, or the addition of 1 extra hour, out of nowhere. This would in turn then need to take into account troop starvation, trades that should have happened during the hour, undefended siege ticks, abandoned cities going to Ruins, etc.

16. I share the same IP or computer as my husband/wife/son/daughter/housemate, who also plays CotG. Is this ok?

Yes, so long as you are legitimately 2 different people, for now this is ok; although we may need to explore a change of policy in the future, depending on our player base’s behaviour regarding this policy.

However, accounts that share an IP will have their in-game activities monitored closely using in-game checks; and if our checks are set off, an official and manual investigation will commence. See Question 18 for more details on this procedure.

17. Are we allowed to play CotG using proxies or VPNs?

No. If you try to register or login to the CotG website while using a proxy or VPN, you will be directed to a page requesting you to remove this software from your computer.

If you have a legitimate reason for using a VPN (for example, being unable to access an internet connection without one), you may send an email to and request that we whitelist you. We will not be whitelisting VPNs lightly, however; a player must be able to provide us with evidence of being unable to use a public IP.

18. Aside from disallowing IP-shielding software, what other measures will you have in place to prevent players creating and maintaining “alternate” (i.e. multiple) accounts?

One person having multiple accounts is strictly against our Terms of Service. We monitor for multiple accounts as follows:

For accounts hosted on the same IP, regardless of device: activity and relationship between the accounts will be closely monitored. Parameters for certain in-game activities are set, and if these activities exceed the parameters, the dev team is immediately notified via email alert, and an official investigation commences.

After official investigation, if we believe beyond reasonable doubt that two or more accounts are multiple accounts for the same individual, we will contact the individual involved, to 1) all of the email addresses registered for the accounts involved, and 2) via in-game mail to all of the accounts involved. The individual will be instructed by mail that s/he has 24 hours to contact us, and refute our concerns.

If the individual fails to contact us within 24 hours, or the explanation we receive does not alleviate our concerns, we will penalise all accounts involved:

  • The oldest-registered account will be deducted 33% of its empire, on all worlds that it is currently active on
  • All other accounts will be permanently deleted

At this point, these decisions are final. As such, if you receive a mail of this nature, it is your responsibility to ensure that you respond to it promptly.

The above rules will be in practice from the beginning of Open Beta.

19. What are your policies on "bots" and "scripts"?

Automation and bots:

As stated in our Terms of Service, "automation software", "bots" and "scripts" which automate or bypass any game functions are strictly prohibited. Automation software is software that reduces the amount of effort that a player needs to put in, to progress their Empire. Examples of automation software include auto-clicker programs, a script that builds for you, or an attack script that sends out from multiple cities with a single click.

We will be monitoring the use of "automation software" closely. If you are unsure whether a script or software that you are using is legal, you can mail us to and we will verify for you whether it is legal or not. The penalty for use of illegal scripts will be a 33% reduction of the offending player's empire on all servers that the player is currently active on. Which cities are lost when this reduction occurs, is completely randomized.

Cosmetic scripts:

Scripts that are for purely cosmetic use, are allowed. Examples of cosmetic scripts include: scripts that change the names of units to different names, scripts that display a game menu in a different way, or scripts that add a new information table somewhere in the user interface.

Scripts that put load on the server, by "data-pulling" or by any other means, in any way more than an average user would, are not allowed.

We eventually have plans for a "script market" where players can put up scripts that they have made, and other players can buy them at a small fee. This fee would then be paid to the script creator, thus allowing script-makers to monetise on their creations!


"Chatbots" (which differ from "standard" bots in that they are not built to "play" in any automated way) may be used only if the chatbot is run from the owner’s account (i.e. it is a purely cosmetic script, that inputs only into Alliance or Officer chat), and only so long as the function is solely chatting,with data collection being in the same amount as a normal player.

We have implemented ways of allowing players to run chatbots from their own accounts, posting to chat from an "AllianceBot" name, allowing it to run without a need for a second account. For more information, or to get started with this, you can mail us to A second account which has been created purely to run a chatbot from, will be deemed to be multi-accounting, and thus in violation of the Terms of Service. Chatbots may be used freely in Alliance and Officer chats; however if a chatbot is used in World chat, or in any way that attempts to disrupt other players’ use or enjoyment of the game, then this will be deemed a Terms of Service violation, and the chatbot and the player responsible for the chatbot, will be removed from the game.

20. How can I change the username that I registered with on the CotG website?

We do not change players' usernames. However, if you mail us to and ask us to, we can delete your old account. You can then use the same email address to register a new account.

The deleting of your old account will result in your empire's cities becoming Abandoned in any Worlds that you are currently playing on, your player history (i.e. crowns) being deleted, and if you have ever posted on the site forums, your forum post history being deleted.

21. I am having a problem with my game, or have found something in the game that I don’t think is functioning as it should. What should I do?

Submit a report about it as soon as possible to our support system. Include as many details as you can; as if we cannot replicate the issue, we cannot fix it!

22. I am friends with someone on the CotG dev team. Would it not be easier to just contact them directly with my problem instead?

Please do not contact the CotG dev team on their personal social media (Skype, Facebook, etc). The reason for this is that personal social media is not checked regularly, nor necessarily during the workday, and messages sent through these mediums can often be overlooked or forgotten. Reports sent to our support system, on the other hand, we have a daily system for dealing with, and these will never be overlooked.

23. What exactly happens when I submit a support ticket?

If the issue you have ticketed is pertaining to a loss of your gameplay, the issue will be escalated and fixed by the developers as soon as possible. We will keep you up to date with the progress in fixing your issue, up until we are able to inform you that your issue has been fixed; at which point we will close your ticket.

If the issue you have reported is a game bug (a menu not displaying quite correctly, a graphics glitch, etc), the issue will be added to the developers bug-list; we will thank you for bringing the issue to our attention, and the ticket will be closed.

The reason for closing bug-listed tickets is purely for organisation on our end, and ease of use of the ticket system for our customer support representatives.

24. I disagree with something in the game mechanics, and want the developers to change it!!

Thankfully, the developers will never up and change something in the game mechanics just to suit one angry player!

However, if you do think that there is something in the game mechanics that could be improved, please let us know in our suggestions forum. We look at all suggestions in this forum, and if a suggestion is popular enough, we will take an official forum poll about it. If the forum poll shows us that this suggestion continues to be very popular, we will begin taking measures to implement the feature you have suggested. We will always try to listen to the majority ruling of our playerbase!