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Crown of the Gods - The new online strategy game

Crown of the Gods is an empire-building massively-multiplayer online (MMO) real-time strategy game, playable from any web browser. Free-to-play, and never pay-to-win!
In a vast fantasy world ruled over by 8 turbulent gods, you must build your empire, join alliances, enlist troops and battle them in real-time against other players and monsters, both on land and on the sea; buy and sell resources on the marketplace, chat in game chat, and build alliance Temples in order achieve the lofty rank of Champion of the Gods!
Start your empire today!

Limiting Pay-to-Win in gaming

Crown of the Gods limits the amount that any player can spend in the game, with an in-game stat called Charisma. Charisma limits the number of items that any player can use in-game. Any time a player uses any item (whether it's won freely in-game from looting monsters, or whether it's purchased), their Charisma counter decreases.
Charisma will regenerate very slowly over time, and is capped at maximum level that it cannot exceed. The Charisma cost of using an item cannot be waived or reduced. Once your Charisma is gone, it’s gone!
Crown of the Gods is an indie game created by Gaming Addict Studios, a small team of gamers from around the globe who are tired of pay-to-win business models in strategy games, and want to turn the tide!

Strategy Wins!

The strategy game industry has taken profitability to an extreme. We at Gaming Addict Studios do not subscribe to this practice of letting players spend unlimited amounts of money, just so that we can make lots of money. Our priority is to create a game where the knowledge and strategy you deploy, determines your ability to win! Only the best strategy will earn you the title of Champion of the Gods!